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Image result for FD Tech updateAmazon is hinting at Alexa’s future functionality

Amazon is reportedly developing new Alexa features and gathering data that could broaden the AI-powered voice assistant’s functionality. First of those include a patent that would enable Alexa to take instructions without requiring a “wake word” to trigger it. While this raises several privacy concerns it would allow consumers to interact more naturally with the assistant.

Amazon’s Body Labs unit is also looking to improve camera-based 3D body scanning which would potentially be used to offer consumers personalized clothing recommendations.

LinkedIn adds AI start-up Drawbridge to its ad offerings to help customers understand data

The business networking platform, LinkedIn has joined forces with Drawbridge to help its customers measure the ROI of their campaigns across platforms. Tomer Cohen, the vice president of product at LinkedIn said: “As we integrate Drawbridge’s technology into LinkedIn following the closing of the transaction, we will continue to maintain the strong controls our members and customers have over the data they choose to share with us. I’m excited about these and other investments that will allow us to continue to deliver greater value to our customers.”

Tesla believes deep learning AI is the future of autonomous vehicles

The electric car manufacturing specialist company Tesla has a unique view on the future of cars in comparison to its competitors in the automobile industry. The company is looking to transform the world by introducing driverless car technology that will make use of artificial intelligence to navigate instead of relying on LiDAR and High Definition Maps.

Tesla relies on its existing sensing technology and on-board computer systems that its production vehicles currently make use of and it has plans to release a software update by the end of 2019 which will allow the cars to go into autonomous mode. Artificial intelligence software based around neural network can be used to achieve this.

Facebook lifts the curtain on its AI robotics research

Social media giant Facebook’s AI team has revealed information about its robotics research, three robotic projects that will find ways for robots to teach themselves from experience rather than making use of algorithms for training. One project enables a six-legged robot teaching itself to walk, another focuses on developing curiosity to improve the learning process and the third throws light upon enabling robots to learn through tactile sensing or touch.

AI-driven Google Duplex still relies on humans manning the phones

Search engine giant Google’s AI-powered service that can call a restaurant to place a booking Google Duplex still relies on human assistance. The free service from Google is available to iPhone as well as android users wherein Google Duplex will make a call using artificial intelligence on behalf of the person, but a recent incident claims that the process is conducted by a human rather than making use of AI. This service has been available since a year ago.

A recent New York Times investigation into the service confirmed that around 25% of Google Duplex calls were to a human rather than an AI system. To increase the efficiency of the service, Google plans to expand the service to make reservations at hairdressers and at its Google I/O developer conference as well as developing a web platform apart from using it on smartphones.

Amazon wants to use An AI-powered wearable to learn your feelings

E-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and AI giant Amazon is in the process of introducing a new wearable device that will track the emotions of the owner in conjunction with an app on the likes of Alexa which powers its range of Echo products. The device has no name yet, though internally it is being referred to as Dylan and would be a wrist-worn device with a screen which would be interactive like smartwatches.