Freelancers with 5-10 yrs experience making up to Rs 19K/day: Report

'Freelancers with 5-10 yrs experience making up to Rs 19K/day'

Freelancers are earning good money as the median pay for a skilled independent professional increases from Rs 8,000 to Rs 19,000 per day as they move from experience range of 0-5 years to 5-10 years, says a report.

According to ‘Flexing It’, a platform for flexible management talent in South and South East Asia, the 9-5 job is starting to be replaced by a new style of doing work, one that revolves around an independent professional and the services needed to make them productive.

The top four in demand management skills sought by companies on a flexible profile include strategy, marketing, HR and IT, it said. The compensation trends for independent consultant and freelancers in India, analysed the data from 2,500 professionals from India who have worked on projects with varied organisations including MNCs, large Indian corporates, start-ups, not for profits, consulting firms and government run enterprises, the report revealed.