How to Have a Smoother Morning

We all experience those days where it seems nothing goes right from the moment we wake up. Between the alarm clock failing to go off and forgetting to pick up the clothes from the dry cleaner, some mornings are just more challenging than others. These 3 suggestions can’t guarantee a perfect day, but they can help make your mornings a little smoother.

Be Aware of Construction

If the commute to work is a long one, don’t let those flashing arrow board trailers on the freeway come as a surprise. Check out apps like Waze and Google Maps, which will show alerts if there is a backup. Make it a habit to check the commute every morning just to be sure.

Prepare the Night Ahead

Launder all work uniforms or special clothes ahead of time, and have them ready to go the night before. Every evening before going to bed, lay out all work clothes (shoes and socks included) so that there is no blind fumbling around in the dark to wake up to. Pack a lunch and put it in the refrigerator, and prepare the coffee pot too. If there is a timer function, take advantage and set the coffee to brew on its own.

Make a Checklist

It’s difficult to remember everything, so make a check-off list to help stay on top of it all. This can be handwritten or on the phone, but either way there’s a satisfaction in checking things off a list. These can also serve as reminders like remembering lunch, unplugging hair appliances and Auntie Helen’s birthday. A whole list can be completed before even walking out the front door!

Waking up is hard to do, and some days just disagree with the way they should go. By being as prepared as possible before leaving for work, the morning routine can be less chaotic and more functional.