Trucking Basics – What Every Trucker Needs

The trucking industry is such an important part of this country. Very few goods would ever make it to store shelves, very few restaurants could stay open, without truckers. Since your job is so important, here are a few basic items you should always have at your disposal.

Source for Truck Loads

While it may seem basic, one of the most important things every trucker needs is a truck load finder. If you don’t have a load to carry, you’re not making money.

Map App and Road Atlas

You’re on the road all the time. A good map application on your phone is important to make sure you find your way. Just as important, though, is a good road atlas for those times your phone loses signal.

Good Gloves

In good weather or bad, you’re working. A nice pair of work gloves are important for when you’re working on or loading your truck, and nice all-weather gloves are great when the weather turns bad.

Snacks and Drinks

When driving, you need to stay hydrated and fed. It’s bad for the bottom line to stop whenever you’re hungry or thirsty, so keeping snacks and drinks on board will keep you on the road as much as possible.

Toolbox and Tools

If you’re a truck driver, you’re also a mechanic. You need a good set of tools to keep your rig running. Get a kit that has everything you need, so you only have to call for help for the most drastic of repairs.

Shower Bag

For long-haul truckers, you need a shower bag. Those cross-country hauls mean you’re going to be stopping at truck stops for general hygiene, and a full shower bag will make that much easier for you.


Spending so much time on the road, you don’t want to fall asleep. A great way to keep yourself engaged is to listen to audiobooks. Listening to a book will let you enjoy a good story while the miles tick by.

This brief list will hopefully make you better prepared for the long hours and miles on the road.