How to stay safe around large construction equipment

Stay Protected

While walking through any construction site, your number one concern is likely your physical safety. Heavy equipment is frequently dangerous if improperly handled, but many accidents can be avoided through a few simple tips.

Let Others Handle Moving Items

Sometimes you may be unable to move large pieces of equipment by yourself. If I were confronted with that problem, I would wonder if there were heavy equipment movers near me. You can easily find a professional willing to move equipment. Attempting to move a vehicle you are not licensed to drive may lead to crashes or other accidents.

Follow Safety Precautions

Looking at any instructions the workers left for those walking in a construction zone can be helpful. Typically, there are verbal or written warnings as you venture further into a place that prevents you from wandering into dangerous areas. These instructions may even indicate an alternate pathway than you are used to taking. Double checking with an official can help you if you are still unsure where to go after reading the instructions. In some cases, areas may be temporarily blocked off for non-essential workers or pedestrians.

Communicate Clearly

Staying away from blind spots is a priority. Cranes or other vehicles have many places that are hard to see from the driver’s side, which means the operators are unable to tell who is near them. You should avoid mistakenly walking into an area with active equipment. Signaling to others that you are in an active zone helps keep everyone safe.

Stay Alert

Speaking out and asking questions if you are unsure about where to go can prevent injuries and accidents. Wearing safety vests or reflective gear is another way to signal to others that you are present. Horns and other alarms on heavy equipment should be tested daily, but precaution on your part is the best way to avoid any additional safety issues.