4 Things Business Can Do To Prepare for Storm Season

It’s been a wild 2020 already, and we haven’t even made it to fall or winter when the peak of storm season hits the states. Commercial owners are already dealing with plenty of rules and regulations as it is. As the summer passes by, however, owners also need to devote some attention to the impact of hurricanes and snow. Set aside time to consider the following four things.

1. Have an Emergency Plan

This isn’t the year to take chances. Anything could happen, and it’s better to know how to handle complications. Ensure that you know the procedures for boarding up your location, and that you have a system in place to help employees. Communicate with them about what to do should something occur, and your expectations for their behavior. It would also benefit to have a space designated within the building that is free of glass. In this location, have flashlights, water and a radio.

2. Review Your Coverage

Understand how your business insurance Newark DE works. Check on how much damage is covered and what your deductible will be. In addition, read up on any exclusions or regulations. For example, will you need to show proof that you’ve maintained the premises? If so, have you saved receipts or could you contact your local workers to verify your repairs? It’s important to have any and all documentation with you. As you speak with your insurer, consider whether you should increase your limit or if what you have is satisfactory.

3. Inspect the Roof

Heavy rain and winds can beat up on a roof. If it’s already damaged, it could lead to leaks and breaks. Have a specialist check on it, repairing any ruined shingles. Furthermore, you may also want to clear out the gutters as well.

4. Clear the Landscaping

Branches and trees can easily fly into windows. The increased velocity could create quite a bit of harm to your establishment. Regularly trim your greenery, removing weak or lose limbs.

It’s definitely a year to be proactive. Be aware, and devise a plan.