OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition: is it better than the regular 6T? (VIDEO)

OnePlus announced the 6T McLaren Edition this week – in fact its most expensive smartphone ever. We’ve already unboxed it on video and gone hands-on, but now it’s time for a different take on this device.

Our new video asks whether this is in fact better than a vanilla 6T, and will hopefully provide you with a non-black-and-white answer to that question. As usual with most things, it’s complicated. The McLaren Edition does a lot right, but it could’ve been better and even, dare we say it, more exclusive and premium-feeling.

To find out why (and how), make sure to watch the video below. It’s also packed with mini-rants for each of the things that differentiate the McLaren edition from any other OnePlus 6T, showing where the company went too far and where it didn’t go far enough. So sit back, hit Play, and enjoy the ride!