Punjab man fakes his death by killing house help to finance daughter’s studies

middle-aged man, along with his nephew, was arrested from Punjab for allegedly plotting and killing his domestic help.

The accused had implemented his plan, seemingly ripped-off from a Bollywood thriller on the night of November 19, in a bid to acquire Rs 50 lakh at the behest of the planned murder.

The accused, Aakash, wanted his daughter to study abroad, but had no money to support his dream. He hatched out a plan with his nephew, Ravi, and faked his own death.

But somebody had to die! So he killed his house help, Raju, by getting him drunk and setting a car, in which he was sitting, to fire.

Aakash’s wife and daughter told the police that it was him who died, so that they could claim the insurance money.

The matter came to light when Ravi began pushing the authorities for a faster dispersal of the insurance money. He was then arrested and interrogated.

Raju’s family had already registered an FIR in connection with him going missing.

Upon interrogation, Ravi told the policemen that in order to make the incident look authentic, he and Aakash setting the car ablaze and put the latter’s bracelet onto Raju’s wrist.

At the time of interrogation, Aakash was planning to run off to Nepal.