Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 gets security update

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 gets security update

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 is getting its first security update. The over-the-air update started rolling out in Europe and has all the security measures. The OTA update has been labeled A320FLXXU1AQE1.

The changelog does not specify the specific security vulnerabilities that have been covered by the update however there are reports of 65 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) related to Galaxy A3 and Android that have been mitigated by the update.

Samsung releases frequent updates for its S series flagships given the total Galaxy S units out there are far ahead in numbers than that of A3 units. Moreover, Galaxy S models have been circulated through a bigger market globally where as A3 is mostly confined to European and western countries. Apart from the security patch, the update also enhances performance and stability of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has an octa-core processor clocked to 1.6 GHz and is paired with 2GB of RAM. The smartphone has a 4.7 inch display which makes it a handy device easy to carry around and operate. Galaxy A3 users can check the update manually if they haven’t received it already by heading to Settings > About Device > Software Updates.

The update has only been released in Europe and moreover the 2017 version of Galaxy A3 is yet to release in India. This also gives potential buyers a slight hint whether they should choose the device or not since without update it is certainly bugged up. Chances are that India will receive an update version, which is, if the device is ever released in India.