Google Home finally supports Bluetooth streaming

Google Home finally supports Bluetooth streaming

Google’s voice-activated assistant, Google Home now carries support for Bluetooth streaming. Thanks to a new update released today, it will work like any other Bluetooth audio device and all media audio will be routed via the device when connected.

Google had announced the feature at this year’s Google I/O and finally, it has started to roll out. Users can also check for the update manually by going to the settings menu of the device, which has a new “Paired Bluetooth Devices” section. So users now have the option to pair their smartphones with the Google Home and directly stream audio to the smart speaker.

Up until now, Google has been quite consistent in rolling out updates to its Google Home. Back in April, multi-user access was added to the device. The smart speaker as some of you may know recognizes up to six voices. While it can’t differentiate the voices if all of them are talking to the speaker at the same time, this feature has definitely given Google Home an edge.

Google Home, which comes in the size of a pint glass, has the ability to answer questions, play music and control smart home technology just by the use of voice recognition.

It runs on the virtual assistant software Google Assistant, the same one featuring on the Google Pixel Phone.

Apart from answering questions from the Google search engine, like giving weather updates, traffic information and reading out a schedule, it can even deliver news briefings from various news outlets. There’s more; it can read out recipes.

Overall, Google Home is proving to be an advanced smart speaker suitable for today’s generation.