Apple Watch Series 3: Six reasons why it’s a must-upgrade

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Apple’s smartwatch just got a whole lot smarter. Apple Watch Series 3 has arrived, and while it didn’t get the dramatic redesign we were hoping for, its improvements on the inside more than make up for the sameness of the enclosure. (And if you need people to know you have the latest model, there are some cool new colors too, like ceramic gray and a different shade of gold to match the iPhone 8.)

But what makes Apple Series 3 such a monumental upgrade isn’t fashion, it’s flexibility. More than ever, Apple Watch is built to fit into your lifestyle, no matter how you spend your free time. Here are the six things we’re most excited about in Apple Watch Series 3:


  • Apple Watch Series 3: LTE
  • Apple Watch Series 3: Battery
  • Apple Watch Series 3: Siri
  • Apple Watch Series 3: Fitness
  • Apple Watch Series 3: Music

Apple Watch Series 3: LTE

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Apple Watch Series 3 can now work without an iPhone nearby.

The biggest change to Apple Watch Series 3 is LTE. Where previous Apple Watches needed to have a phone nearby to do most things, Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE is completely independent, letting you get calls, messages, and alerts even when your phone is hundreds of miles away. But what’s most impressive about the new LTE Apple Watch is its size. Thanks to an electronic SIM and engineering that uses the display as an antenna, Apple manufactured Apple Watch with LTE without increasing the size of the case. Considering the LTE Android Wear watches we’ve used, that’s no small feat. And what’s more, you can use your existing number with your new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 3: Battery

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There’s an LTE chip and an all-day battery inside the new Apple Watch Series 3.

One of Apple Watch’s most underrated feature has always been it’s battery life. Lots of smartwatches claim to deliver all-day battery life, but Apple Watch actually delivers on this promise, sometimes even pushing well into a second day of use. We were skeptical that Apple could keep the same 18-hour battery life with LTE, but thanks to new power-efficient S3 and W2 chips, Apple promises that Apple Watch will last just as long.