Five gadgets all men want

Life Lessons: Five gadgets all men want ALLENTOWN, Pa. – New shoes, a new tie or a new watch. Most men have plenty of those. This holiday season pick up a gift he’ll actually put to use. Here are five gadgets all men want. Men can be harder than you think to shop for, so forget the traditional gifts, and pick up an LG Lifeband Touch. The Lifeband is a mix of smartwatch and fitness tracker that monitors your activities and lets you know when you have a text or call on your smartphone. Perfect for a man on the go for under $100. QUICK CLICKS Your brain can make you fat 7 in-person purchases The Cloverleaf is not a highway Tailor made meds And if he loves music, the Phillips Surround Base is sure to transform your living room into a concert hall for only $199. But if personal jam sessions are more his thing, the Monster DNA Pro wireless headphones for about $150 are perfect. They come with noise cancellation features, Bluetooth capabilities and they’re buttonless. For a TV lover, an Apple TV is a television junkie’s dream. Starting at $69, the Apple TV allows you to stream to your TV from any of your Apple devices. And if he loves to grill, the iGrill allows you to track the temperature of your food up to 150 feet away. No more standing over the grill for hours with this $40 gift. And if budget is no problem, another great gift is the Sony Short Throw 4K Projector. For $30,000 you can have a 147 inch in-home cinema that disguises itself as a piece of furniture. Copyright 2015 WFMZ. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.