Gift Guide | Chef-tested kitchen gadgets

In five years of running Rock That Plate cafe, it’s fair to say that Andrea Estes Riegling has tested – and reviewed – nearly every type of kitchen equipment she can find on To date, Riegling has reviewed nearly 700 products online, most on, with half of those purchases supplying her restaurant’s kitchen on the grounds of the Kentucky Fair & Expo Center.

With so many reviews under her belt, Amazon vendors this year began seeking out Riegling so she can review their products for free. For the home cook in Louisville, Riegling supplied us with her favorite, must-have kitchen items.

Virginia Boys Kitchens Walnut Wood Cutting Board

Whatever is on the cutting board goes into the food. That is why Chef Riegling always buys unfinished cutting boards and oils them herself. This board withstands the chopping rigors at Rock That Plate cafe, including 15 pounds of onions each day. $59.97 & free shipping.

Chef Essential Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, Culinary Edge Series, Set of 3, Black

This set earns rave reviews by Amazon customers, 94 percent of whom awarded five stars out of five for this crucial kitchen equipment.  Favorable features include measurement marks inside the bowls, silicon bottoms, easy-to-grab handles and sweet nesting to save limited kitchen space.  $35.72 & free shipping with Amazon Prime membership.

“TipNToss” Rocking Pizza Cutter

A thick wooden handle makes this 14-inch-long pizza cutter handy not only for slicing the largest pizza, but see-sawing your way through onions, mushrooms, and any other pizza topping. Reviewers on Amazon report it is dishwasher safe, and the product is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Stick this in your loved one’s Christmas stocking for $9.99.

Kibaron Cut Resistant Gloves with Level 5 Cut Protection

Many new employees at the Rock That Plate cafe come without knife skills. Chef Andrea Estes Riegling can turn them loose in her kitchen without fear after she outfits them with cut-resistant gloves. Of all the brands she has tried, Riegling says these are the best deal and the best fit. $11.99.

GalleyFresh Kitchenware Professional V-Slicer Mandoline

The safety guard on this affordable mandoline slicer is easy to use, Amazon reviewers say. One caution is that it doesn’t come with instructions, but any mandoline takes practice to learn to use well. This product is a keeper for the home cook looking to become more efficient in the kitchen. $29.95 and free shipping on orders more than $35.