Smart Home Tools for a Smarter Office

Smart home gadgets and apps are all the rage with homeowners and rental managers right now. They are being hailed for their convenience and environmentally-friendly nature, and rightfully so. Interestingly, smart home gadgets aren’t just for residential spaces – they have countless benefits in office settings as well.

If you want to improve productivity and office functionality, it’s time to consider integrating smart home tools in your office. Here are three tools that can improve your work experience and boost your reputation for excellence.

Monitor Conditions With ConnectSense

Grid Connect is already well established in the industrial market, but if you’re running a relatively small office, their home device, ConnectSense, will cover all of your bases. ConnectSense is a multi-function sensor system that not only monitors doors and windows for unauthorized entry, but also monitors internal temperature, water, and humidity. This information connects with an app system and can send alerts in a range of formats including text messages, voice calls, and tweets.

What makes ConnectSense ideal for the office setting? Your office is likely a high tech space with a number of computers and other temperature and moisture sensitive devices. If your air conditioner malfunctions in July and the office temperature skyrockets over the weekend, threatening servers and other technology, ConnectSense can let you know, allowing you to address the problem immediately. This can prevent data loss and irreversible technology damage that could cost you big.

Track Access With Bekey

Smart locks are popular with homeowners and apartment managers, and especially with people who rent out their homes through services like Airbnb, but what about the office? Though there’s nothing wrong with traditional lock systems, smart locks offer a new kind of flexibility.

Bekey, made by a Danish company, steps up the standard smart key market by offering easy to use and easy to restrict key exchanges. Business owners can use Bekey as a standard key option for employees, but there are other helpful options as well. Need something delivered or repaired during off hours? Send a key to the delivery person or repairman with preset restrictions on when it can be used. This is an effective way to provide access without having to be onsite yourself.

Hit The Lights With Philips Hue

Lighting color and intensity has been shown to have a measurable impact on office productivity. Traditional fluorescent lighting is especially harmful, yet it tends to be the most common form of office lighting. Enter Philips Hue Lighting. Instead of fluorescent bulbs, Philips Hue Lighting uses LED lighting, with up to fifty lights linked to one control system.

Unlike many smart lighting systems that just turn lights on and off, the Philips Hue lights can be set to radiate in multiple colors and intensities. They can also be programmed to change color at different times of day and can be altered based on weather conditions to improve work lighting. This can make a big difference when the alternative is the buzz of fluorescent lights and can help workers remain focused.

Stay Connected With Total Connect Remote Services

If you travel frequently for business or work remotely, being able to keep an eye on things may be a top priority. Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote Services allow you to monitor everything from security cameras to fire alarms. Check activity at the office by plugging into your camera system or remind someone onsite to check the fire alarm when alerted to low batteries. You’ll be able to travel with more peace of mind knowing that the Total Connect is watching the office, even while you’re away.

Another advantage to the Honeywell system is that it’s compatible with a number of other small smart devices, such as Lutron lighting and some smart locks. The company also offers some of its own devices, although Wi-Fi connected smart tools won’t work – the remote system only works with systems that connect with Z-Wave. Still, if you can bring your systems in line with each other, the greater compatibility will provide convenience at work and away.