The trend for men’s and women’s smartwatches continues

The Huawei watch. — AFP-Relaxnews

The Huawei watch. — AFP-RelaxnewsLONDON, Dec 19 — The 9to5Mac website reports that Huawei will unveil a variant of its smartwatch especially for women at CES 2016 in Las Vegas in the US. In creating a women’s line, the Chinese manufacturer would be following other manufacturers such as Motorola and Asus.

The Chinese manufacturer is reported to be launching a made-for-women version of its smartwatch at the beginning of 2016. The differences compared between it and the original Huawei Watch are expected to be only of an aesthetic nature, with a slightly smaller dial and a wide selection of compatible straps. What’s more, a new generation of the Huawei Watch is expected in the second half of 2016. It’s reported that the second generation Huawei Watch could be a cellular 4G compatible version of the device.

The Huawei Watch is one of the most elegant smartwatches on the market. It runs Android Wear, and is iOS-compatible, thereby setting itself up as a potential rival to the Apple Watch with its relatively upmarket positioning and its large choice of dials and straps. This watch is aiming for the high end of the market with its 1.4-inch diameter sapphire crystal display (400 x 400 pixels). It’s also customisable, with a choice of around 40 different dials and an extensive range of straps (in stainless steel, leather, etc.). Presented as a fashion accessory, the Huawei Watch is just a little thicker than the Apple Watch.

By offering a customizable range for men and women, Huawei is in line with the choice made by other manufacturers. One example is Motorola, with its Moto 360, which is adapted to men (case diameter of 46 mm, a 1.56-inch display) and women (42 mm, 1.37 inches). It also applies to the Asus ZenWatch which is available in men’s and women’s versions with a choice of three bodies and a whole host of band options (rubber, leather, metal, etc.).